When my older children (17 & 13) are asked about boyfriends or girlfriends they tend to give the same look that they give people when asked “What is Santa bringing you for Christmas?” Meaning – that is sorta a stupid question but I’m not going to be rude and say that.

American dating is just asking for trouble. It is practicing for divorce and remarriage. The heartbreak that is caused by youth in high school breaking up is often the cause of depression, suicide and other violent crimes. Children are not able to handle the intense emotions that accompany dating and “going steady.”

Unless someone is willing and able to get married right away there is no point in developing a romantic attachment to another. Most 12 – 17 year olds, especially now, are not ready to be married and support a family. So why date? Just seems like encouraging our youth to get into trouble. It is like giving a four year old a box of matches to play with but saying “Don’t start a fire!”

This sermon by Paul Washer is a good summary of what I have been teaching my children all along.


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