Give ’em The Meat

My Daughter is in a Youth Orchestra that is formed from students from North East Alabama who have auditioned for the seats. These students really desire to advance in their music beyond what the schools and private lessons allow. Essentially, you would have to say they have a heart for music.

Two weeks ago, they were given a new music piece to play, Jupiter from The Planets by Holst, they had already been practicing Mars. They sight read the part for the first time and where so disappointed. Why? The orchestration that they had to play was a simplified version, a water downed version. They knew that and where so disappointed that they begged for the original piece. These kids know their music! My daughter explained that this was one of her favorite pieces and that they had ruined it by taking out the good parts. They “detest” the weaker version. Therefore, they had to wait two weeks for the new full pieces to arrive.

Monday night they listened to the audio while reading over their respective parts. You should have seen the rapt attention they paid to the music. It was obvious they were thoroughly enjoying it. I sit in here every rehearsal and watch them. They were working so hard and paying close attention more so than the typical attention they pay to music. Their conductor has stressed to them how much work they will have to put in to get this piece ready for the concert in March. They voted and it was unanimous that they were going to do the full piece and not the simpler watered down version.

What does this signify? That youth who have a heart for a subject want the meat of the subject matter. This is evident in Bible study, also. The youth who truly have a heart for the Lord and Bible study want the real stuff, the meat. They can tell when they are getting a watered down version.

My husband taught Bible Drill for several years to fourth – sixth graders. The materials provided where as he said “insipid” so he would often do a short series on a different type topic. One topic was a study of Pilgrim’s Progress and another was a study on the history of the English Bible. The kids enjoyed the much harder material more than the material written for their supposed “grade-level.”

So give’em the meat and let ‘em chew!


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