True Church Conference 2009 – Conrad Mbewe

Last night Conrad Mbewe was the preacher for the True Church Conference at Grace Life Church. I think that was the first full sermon of his I had heard. He was very good.

He preached on Total Depravity or as he called it Radical Depravity. His main point was obviously “we are all in the same boat.” We probably heard this same phrase half a dozen times within 40 minutes. Mbewe is from Zambia. He said that there is nothing different about the superficial “easy-believism” Christianity in Africa than there here is in America. The stories we hear about mass conversions in Africa are nothing more than the same emotional responses we get here in America at the typical youth rally like “Winter Jam.”

Mbewe’s closing point should be well taken. The nature of radial depravity is practical for Christian living. Without the Lord’s work in repentance, radical depravity will always and naturally lead to destruction – “Repent or ye shall all likewise perish.”

The Radical Depravity of Man 2/19/2009


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