True Church Conference 2009 – David Miller

I really enjoyed getting to listen to David Miller this weekend. This was the first time I had heard him.

The Repentance of Nineveh 2/20/2009

Jonah First Missionary of record. Tradition says that he was the Widow of Zarephath’s son who was raised from the dead by Elijah.

Jonah’s theology was wrong because he didn’t believe in the omnipresence of God. He tried to run away!

The warning to the Ninevites was not necessary or deserved.

The main point of this story is not Jonah and the Whale the main point is that God granted repentance to the Ninevites.

Grace always takes the initiative!

600,000 – 1 million repented in one day. This was a one day evangelism crusade of legendary importance.

There were no “seekers” in Niveva!

Jonah was sent to preach repentance.

  • Not to lead a cruise,

  • Not to give his testimony,

  • Not to share,

  • Not to prayer walk around the city,

  • But to preach about the intended destruction!


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