Voddie Baucham Discusses Homeschooling

Voddie Baucham discusses the latest court ruling sending homeschool students to public school. See the post Homeschoolers Ordered to Public School for Their Best Interest !?! for more information.

NC Judge Forces Homeschool Children into Government school

This decision is beyond appalling. One has to wonder if a judge would have gotten away with forcing parents of kids at Bountiful Junior High School in Utah to leave that school and educate their children at home to protect them from predatory teachers. Unfortunately, the antagonism in our culture (even in the church) toward home education is growing. It matters not that these children are performing above grade level. It matters not that these children are receiving more parental attention and investment than the overwhelming majority of children in our culture. All that matters is that they are not in a state sanctioned indoctrination center.

What Should Home Educators Do When Grandparents DisApprove?

Anyone who has been involved in home education for longer than a week has probably had to deal with relatives who don’t approve of their decision. This is always a touchy subject. However, things get a little more dicey when the skeptical party happens to be your parents. What is a respectful, God-honoring child supposed to do when the parents who raised them don’t like what they have chosen to do in the education department? How about this? Honor your father and mother, hold fast to the word, and hold fast to your spouse.


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