What to Look for in a Church

For quite a while I have been thinking on and pondering what it is we should look for in a church. I’m sure this will be modified as time goes on but this is a basic idea. What did I leave out or add that isn’t according to Scripture?

1) Accurate view of God. Based on Scripture. Fear of the Holy Lord.

2) High value and emphasis on Scripture.

3) Focus on worshiping the Lord in everything they do.

4) Practices church discipline.

5) A desire to evangelize the world by the preaching of the Scriptures as opposed to just seeking to get decisions.

6) Members strive to live Holy lives with never a sense of having arrived at holiness.

7) Pastor / elders serve the church by teaching and preaching of Scriptures, encouraging members to live holy and set apart lives, and to share the gospel with those outside the church.

8) Pastor / elders lead by example especially in their family life and personal life.

9) Prayer is an important part of the church and not just given lip service.

10) All Scripture is important and not just picking and choosing.

11) The church as a whole body should have some written out doctrine or theology that others can read. Such as what they believe about baptism or the Lord’s supper.

12) The church should never presume to add to the Scriptures.

Example: A church should expect the women to dress modestly in accordance with Scripture. But when a church states that a lady’s dress must be to the ankles then they have added to the Scriptures.

13) Witnessing to the world but not by using the world’s methods and the world’s entertainment.

14) Essentially this sums it up – Right thinking and right living.


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