Bible Reading Does Nothing For Me??

Have you ever thought that no matter how much you read the Bible you just can’t get into it?

That you just read words and quickly forget them?

That it is just a waste of time?

This story is one I’ve heard Paul Washer tell in some of his sermon’s. This is just my retelling of it so it might be slightly different but still the same idea.

The Coal Bucket

One day a grandfather and his grandson where working out in the fields. To pass the time the grandfather was asking the grandson questions.

“How is your Bible reading coming along?”

The grandson replied with a shrug. “It just seems like such a waste. I can’t remember it and I get so distracted.”

The grandfather was sad that his grandson didn’t have the same enthusiasm for the Lord’s Holy Scripture that he did.

“Well, son, there is nothing more valuable and worthy than to devote your time to reading and studying the Scriptures.”

“As the good Lord says All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)”

“You can’t go wrong when you study God’s Word.”

But the grandfather could tell that his grandson was not convinced. So after working for a while he said, “Son, grab that coal bucket and go to the creek for some water for these plants.”

The boy was glad for a change and he picked up the beat up coal bucket and knocked out the little bit of coal ash. Off he went for water.

Soon he arrived back at the field but there was not any water remaining in the bucket.

“Grandfather this bucket has holes in it. It is so beat up and dirty, you need a different bucket.”

The grandfather just smiled a slight smile and said “If you hurry back faster then you can get the water here.”

So off the boy goes to the creek. The next trip he hurried but still had no water when he arrived.

“This isn’t going to work!”

The grandfather encouraged him, “I think it will if you keep working at it.”

So off the boy goes again but with the same result. By now the enthusiasm was gone and he looked defeated.

“We can’t do nothing with this worthless bucket. I’ve wasted all this time and for nothing! You need to throw it out.”

The grandfather took that coal bucket and said “Son, you remember how dirty that coal bucket was when you started?”

“Yes, sir!”

While showing the boy the inside of the bucket the grandfather said “Look now at how clean it is. All that water washed it clean even if you didn’t think it did any good hauling it.”

“Son, your heart is like that dirty coal bucket. Every time you read God’s Word is like putting clean water in the bucket. Even though at first it seems like a waste of time and useless. You may not think it is doing any good, but the Lord knows better.”

“See every time you read God’s Word it washes your heart cleaner and cleaner. Until one day you will begin to see the difference even if you don’t right now.”


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