Dr. George Ella to be in Gadsden, Alabama

Dr. George Ella will be speaking in Gadsden for the 2009 Gadsden Conference on the English Bible on Friday and Saturday, July 17 and 18, 2009.

He will also be speaking in several area churches during the two weeks he will be in the Southeastern part of the USA.

Dr. Ella has written Biographical works on:

William Cowper,
William Huntington,
James Hervey,
John Gill,
Augustus Montague Toplady,
Andrew Fuller,
Henry Bullinger,
Isaac McCoy

Dr. Ella has also published shorter works on over ninety Christian leaders.

He has written several theological books also.

Emmanuel Baptist Church, Enid, OK, has had him write their church history and has hosted Dr. Ella several times.

Some samples of Dr. Ella’s work available online include:

Hugh Latimer

Martin Bucer – several other topics can be found from this link.

The Dumbing Down of Doctrine

Biographia Evangelica – is Dr. Ella’s own site with a multitude of online articles.

I have to admit that I had never heard of Dr. George Ella before the Gadsden Conference on the English Bible planning was being done. The story about how a small town like Gadsden ended up with Dr. Ella coming to speak is rather interesting.

Somehow Dr. Ella’s email address was in one of the pastor’s Outlook address book so when the first information about the Conference was emailed out to everyone in the address book Dr. Ella received one. Through a few emails back and forth it was found out that Dr. Ella had distant relatives who had lived in the Southeastern USA.

When Dr. Ella expressed a slight interest in visiting Alabama arraignments were made to gather enough money for flying him to Alabama for speaking at the conference and several local churches. What started out as involving a handful of people has since become a much larger undertaking involving several churches, church associations, the Gadsden Public Library, Gadsden State Community College, Gadsden Museum of Art, and the Gadsden Cultural Arts Center.

The other locations for Dr. Ella’s speaking schedule can be found through this link. They include the Gadsden Public Library, several Primitive Baptist Churches, a Southern Baptist Church and a Reformed Baptist Church in addition to the Gadsden Conference on the English Bible.


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