A Different “Bible” and A Prayer Request

Orchestra for my daughter started back this week. This is a full orchestra and the students must audition to be in it. Some of the students are from as far away as two hours but they still make the drive each week in order to participate.

Since we drive quite a bit for the orchestra, I carry my computer and my Bible in order to work during the rehearsal. It can be quite challenging concentrating due to the noise level but I usually get quite a bit done anyway.

The first rehearsal this year there was another mom who was sitting in nearby. Other than smile and nod at each other there is not any possibility of talking during rehearsal. First of all you can’t hear each other while they are playing or if they are paused the conductor is usually speaking. He runs a tight ship and would not mind calling out a parent for talking.

I saw this mom was studying her Bible. Serious Bible study, of the type you don’t see too often, especially in public. She was marking passages in red, writing notes and cross referencing passages, all this I could tell from a distance. She had some printed notes she was reading from as she studied. I had already planned to introduce myself and ask what topic she was studying during the break. But during the break she left the area and did not return until the orchestra was playing again.

However I did see her “Bible” sitting there. This was such a large “Bible” that it makes the new ESV Study Bible look small. But this was no “Bible” I had ever seen.

This was a “Quad Bible” which contains the Holy Bible (LDS KJV version), The Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price!

Whew, that busts the hope of another like-minded believer sitting nearby.

So now, I am praying over what I should say if the opportunity arises.

Evidence shows that she is not a new convert to LDS due to the well-worn “Bible.”

She also is not the typical convert that doesn’t know what the LDS church teaches due to the number of well marked passages and much study notes in the margins.

Nothing but the Lord will show her the error of the Mormon Church and particularly of Joseph Smith, but that doesn’t mean that I can just sit back without being willing to share the truth with her. I need much wisdom from the Lord in how to proceed. Surely, over the next year there will be a chance to have some serious discussion without the high volume of an orchestra playing.


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