A Modern Day Speller

My kids are growing up in a much different environment than I did. Some things are just downright strange.

The “baby,” who isn’t a baby anymore but will continue to be unless I get another, has just started Kindergarten. He really could have waited until next year since he has a Fall birthday but then again he couldn’t wait. He knows as much as many do entering first grade. Things such as writing his name, writing both capital and small letters of the alphabet, simple math, etc. Yet he is four.

But his latest development is just downright funny to me. He spells his name for us all the time usually with the added benefit of writing the letters in the air but lately he has added something that would only make sense in the computer age. He spells it like this:

“B A B Y space”

or writes it

“B A B Y -“

The dash is his idea of how to write the “space”.

(of course he spells his real name and not “baby”) :0

But we have no clue why he felt the need to add “space” to the end of his name.

He has typed it a few times on the computer but no more than a handful.

So far he is doing better than my fourth grader whose handwriting is horrible and she never puts spaces between her words.


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