A Biblical Husband & Family – Paul Washer

The Disintegrating Church Family

… Now, there are many people who are so involved in ministry and so involved in things such as that in the name of Jesus Christ, that they have little time for their family. They are deceiving themselves. They are in sin. And they are
hurting their family….

… Well, in the family there is a thing that we call headship. The Bible does teach that a man is to lead his family. It does teach that and if you do not like that, I understand that, but do not call yourself biblical, because you are not. You are influenced by your own culture, you are influenced by the teachings of feminism and everything else, but you are not biblical. Okay? Let us just state that. There is teaching in Scripture about the headship of a man and his family. There is teaching about submission. The wife is to submit to her husband. Many people hate that because of teachings of feminism. Other people hate it because of the massive abuses in regard to that teaching. …

… One of the things that churches do, probably more than anything else that I have ever seen is they – now you listen to me, you listen to me very carefully – and I am talking about sincere men do this – they starve the people of God to death and then they use them as slaves to advance their own Kingdom. Listen to me. Do I care about the lost? No one can accuse me of not caring about the lost.

But I can tell you this, I care a lot more about you.

“Do good unto all men, first of all to those of the household of faith.”

Many churches start and they are all about evangelism, all about evangelism, all about evangelism. Every Sunday morning, every Sunday night, every Wednesday they’re all about evangelism, evangelism – and the sheep are starving to death. The sheep are starving to death. And so they do not feed the sheep, but they get sheep mobilized to go out there and win a bunch of people while the sheep are starving to death, their families are a disaster, their children are a disaster, and everything else, but it is a really going church. …

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2 thoughts on “A Biblical Husband & Family – Paul Washer

  1. I have one problem with his sermon, and that is when he gave an illustration: Washer said if there was a boat sinking, he would save his wife over his children, because he loves his wife more. That statement is not biblical because the bible says we should not show partiality. We ought to love one another, equally.


    Berean Wife Reply:


    I agree with you that Washer’s illustration is unwise and actually wouldn’t happen in real life. We all say things which we later rethink and wish we had not said. I imagine this would be one of them. He would rescue one of his little ones first because she is the one in most need. Charo would be rescuing the others. I’m sure she talked to him about that one. 😉

    While we don’t show partiality, we do help those who need the most help. That would be little ones.

    Berean Wife


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