Background Checks Proposed for Homeschooling in UK

All it takes is a couple of bizarre cases of abuse and the combined claim to be homeschooling to start laws like the one being proposed in the UK.

Criminal background checks proposed for homeschoolers

Plan called most ‘overbearing law in the English-speaking world’

A proposal in the British Parliament calling for mandatory criminal background checks for parents who want to homeschool their children is the most “overbearing law in the English-speaking world,” charges a U.S. advocacy group.

“This bill is breathtaking in its scope and reflects a perverse level of suspicion towards parents who home-educate their children,” said Michael Donnelly, a staff attorney and director of international relations for the Home School Legal Defense Association.

The group is the world’s premiere advocate for homeschooling and has been active in cases in Europe as well as the U.S.

Donnelly said the bill “places total discretion in the hands of local education officials to determine whether or not they will ‘register’ a home education program and would require criminal background checks for parents before they could begin homeschool their own children.”…

Parents face criminal checks before teaching own children

Parents who educate their children at home should undergo criminal records checks, according to the Government’s education inspectors. …

… Ofsted’s proposal raises new concerns about state control of family life. Mr Wells said: “If Ofsted are calling for CRB checks for home-educating parents now, how long will it be before they are demanding that all parents are CRB-checked?”

Robert Whelan of the Civitas think-tank called the proposal “monstrous” in suggesting that “you can no longer be a parent without a piece of paper from the state.”…

It is strange though that if a parent doesn’t pass a background check they can’t homeschool but can still parent the child the rest of the time? I guess this is just the first step to maybe requiring background checks on people before allowing them to have children.

While I’m sure the desire is to protect children who will not pass the background checks? That would be left totally up to the government. Maybe if you have spoken out against sin or a political leader? A member of a “radical” church, meaning a Biblical church. See the problem.

The US tends to follow right behind the UK by a few years.


2 thoughts on “Background Checks Proposed for Homeschooling in UK

  1. This has nothing to do with abuse and everything to do with an agenda to push public schooling as the legal mandate for all children.

    Think about this for a moment: If a parent is deemed unfit to home educate for fear of abuse and the child is forced to enroll in oublic school, why would the home be any safer AFTER school? Is the parent only deemed a risk during school hours?

    The fact is that children who attend state run schools are just as likely (if not moreso) to be victims of abuse as children who are homeschooled. Abuse fears are just a cover for the real agenda.

    This is preposterous. But the fact is that as long as there are significant numbers of people raising a significant number of children to be free-thinking individuals, those who would impose a full control government nanny state will have political opposition, and we can’t have that, now can we?


    Berean Wife Reply:


    You are right it is just the government trying to get one more foothold on our children. Many of our children don’t follow the crowd and they don’t fall for “group think.” They are a danger to the government run amuck.

    They sorta forget that daycare workers and school teachers still abuse children despite background checks. Because as you said the abuse is not the issue!

    This is just a stepping stone. Even those who do not have homeschooled children will eventually be affected by this kind of invasive ruling. Next it might be background checks for all parents, then background checks before becoming parents, ….

    Berean Wife


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