Whom Are You Relying On?

 “When we rely upon organization,

we get what organization can do;

when we rely upon education,

we get what education can do;

when we rely upon eloquence,

we get what eloquence can do,

and so on. Nor am I disposed to undervalue

any of these things in their proper place,

but when we rely upon prayer,

we get what God can do.”


A.C. Dixon


4 thoughts on “Whom Are You Relying On?

  1. THAT was wonderful and packed full of truth. Even the church has relied too heavily on education, organization, and eloquence rather than the gospel.

    And we see the result in the pews.

    Berean Wife Reply:


    I think we could also add politics and government to the list. Seems the church puts too much store in those and the direction they are heading. The “If only we can get a __________ elected to office then ….”

    I still struggle with the eloquence. The thinking that if I only had said that better, researched more or written more eloquently then others would see what I was sharing. 🙁 But I’m learning to trust the Lord for the results.

    Berean Wife

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