Barry King – The Sin of Unbelief

The sixth session of the True Church 2010 was lead by Barry King. He is a pastor from Wood Green in London, England. Barry’s topic was the Sin of Unbelief. His text was Isaiah 45:22 (KJV). This is the same text that was used in the conversion of Charles Spurgeon. Would to God that this text would raise up a Charles Spurgeon in our generation also.

Isaiah 45:22 (KJV) sets forth the duty of all men to believe the gospel. It is a sin to fail to obey it.

1. First, there is the simplicity of the command – Look. The text looks back to Numbers 21 and the record of the poisonous snakes. The people were called to look onto the brass serpent and live. God calls for all men to look unto Him. The text also looks forward to John chapter 3. The Son of Man must be lifted up and all men are commanded to look upon Christ.

a. A form of hyper-Calvinism is to confound the simplicity of the gospel. Some are given to morbid introspection. The gospel command is to look, not lament. Some are given to intellectualism. The gospel command is to look, not learn.

2. Second, there is the exclusivity of the command – Look unto me, there is none else.

3. Third, there is the universality of the command – all the ends of the earth. God commands all men everywhere to repent and believe the gospel.

Moving to two items implicit in the meaning of the text:

4. Fourth, there is the impossibility of the command. Isaiah was to preach to those who, having eyes, could not see and look, who had ears, but could not hear, who had a heart, but could not understand.

a. How can God command someone to do something that they are unable to do? This does not address the ability of man but the authority of God. God asks men to do things they are unable to do (see Mark chapter 2 – stretch forth your hand or John chapter 11 – Lazarus come forth).

5. Fifth, there is the responsibility of the command. It is our duty, our responsibility, to preach the gospel to all men.

a. We give the people who call us hyper-Calvinist the weapon that they use to shoot at us because we do not fulfill our responsibility to do this. It is more than a general concern for the lost.


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