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Here is one perspective on why believers today choose to worship on Sunday.

It’s no wonder that Christians worship on Sunday. Muslims worship on Friday, Jews worship on Saturday, but Christians worship on Sunday because that is the day when Christ proved that he had conquered death. This is why we are Sunday Christians. We are not Friday Christians who serve a dead Savior, not Saturday Christians still waiting and wondering, but Sunday Christians who serve a living, breathing Savior–one who is alive and one who reigns. He died because he had to die. Our sin demanded blood and death. And yet he rose because he had to rise. He was the Son of God; how could death hold him? How could the Creator of all that exists be held down by death? It cannot happen and it did not happen. Christ is risen.


Tim Challies


2 thoughts on “Sunday Christians – Tim Challies

  1. I love this explanation!!! I am enjoying your blog – I don’t get to comment much due to the fact that I am usually nursing Hagan as I am reading! 🙂
    Love in Christ

    Berean Wife Reply:

    Hello Jeanette,

    I’m glad you enjoyed this. Challies is a good source for book reviews and I’ve enjoyed much of his work although I don’t necessarily agree with everything he writes, but he is thorough in his reviews. :0

    I’d be glad to trade places and have a baby to nurse and leave the blogging to others. 🙂 But I guess not. 🙁

    Have a great upcoming week.

    Berean Wife

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