ESV Bible Prices

Last Wednesday night at church we were discussing ESV Bibles.  Here are some links to cheaper prices than local bookstores have. (Note: I don’t particularly care for CBD because they have a wide range of “Christian” books and materials.  But they do have some of the best prices available especially for Bibles.)

ESV Study Bibles

ESV Study Bible Hardback $29.99

ESV Study Bible, Large Print, Hardcover $41.99

ESV Study Bible, TruTone, (Imitation Leather) Mahogany Trellis Design $49.99

ESV Study Bible, TruTone, (Imitation Leather) Navy/Tan, Band Design $49.99

ESV Study Bible–Genuine leather, black  $56.99

ESV Bibles

ESV Thinline TruTone (Imitation Leather) $19.99 – Multiple colors available

ESV Large Print Bible, Genuine Leather, Black, Black Letter $52.99

ESV Children’s Bible (illustrated hardcover) $17.99

The Bibles such as the pew Bibles we got range in price from 7 -15 dollars mostly depending on quantity ordered and size and whether large print or not.

Multitudes of styles, font sizes, and colors to choose from in the ESV version.  Font size and print clarity are very important to consider when getting a Bible that will be a pleasure to use.

One note while imprinting your name on the Bible is nice, until you’ve seen the Bible it might be wise to wait about imprinting so that the Bible could be returned if flawed or otherwise not desirable. is a great site that carries every ESV version and type right on up to the very nice expensive styles of leather bound Bibles such as the Allan Bibles.  Their prices are similar to the above CBD prices but they have a wider variety.


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