Homeschooling Is a Privilege to Cherish

Homeschooling our children is quickly becoming a privilege for us to cherish because the time is short that we will be allowed to continue.  Enjoy while we still can.

Sweden Bans Home-schooling, Religious Instruction

The Kingdom of Sweden took a dramatic turn toward totalitarianism with the adoption of a sweeping new education “reform” package that essentially prohibits home schooling and forces all schools to teach the same government curriculum.

In addition to abolishing any remaining distinctions among schools, the new education act also prohibits home schooling for religious or philosophical reasons. Home education can be allowed only in “exceptional circumstances” like extreme bullying, Neuman explained. Lawyers have said the new condition basically means never.

Regulation of home schooling was already impossibly strict in Sweden, where, as reported recently by The New American, social service workers took a seven-year-old boy from his parents because he was being educated at home — even when it was technically legal. But under the new rules, home education will be all but done away with.

“It’s a fear that [home schooling] doesn’t work appropriate[ly],” press secretary Neuman explained, though she admitted there was no report or evidence to back up the fear.

Even a member of the political party sponsoring the new education act refused to support it because of the restrictions on home schooling and fears that it could be a prelude to mandatory day-care and pre-school. The opposition parties in Parliament voted against the law for several reasons. Among them: It was rushed, and the Supreme Court’s advisory council criticism was not properly taken into account.

Other changes in the new law include tougher standards for becoming a teacher, and the idea that government day-care (for children as young as one year old) should be considered “school.” The act will also give the “Swedish Schools Inspectorate” the authority to shut down educational institutions that do not bow down to the government’s rules.

Regimes that have banned home schooling in the past include the National Socialists (Nazis) in Germany, since Hitler feared it could lead to “parallel societies,” and the Soviet communist dictatorship, where government was the sole arbiter of what children would learn.


8 thoughts on “Homeschooling Is a Privilege to Cherish

  1. Kelly at Generation Cedar (I’m sure you must know of her blog) thinks the opposite: that due to distance learning over the computer, which many homeschoolers take advantage of, too, not just college students, will preclude any banning of home schooling, because so many people now distance learn at home, not just Christians and/or people who homeschool young children.

    European countries (and others around the world) have always had a lock-step mentality. I wouldn’t like to see us get like them.

    Berean Wife Reply:


    While we may go to more distance learning, I think we will soon see more control over the internet and what is allowed on it. Distance learning won’t preclude a Standardized Curriculum being forced on private schools and homeschools or even their elimination. The media is always eager to portray homeschoolers negatively. We homeschoolers don’t tow-the-line and we buck the system too often, then we dare teach our children to do the same. Unless the Lord brings serious revival to the church and His people, I think we will go the way of Europe shortly. Things like the UN Rights of a Child always keep popping up in Congress. 🙁

    Berean Wife

  2. Like Mary, I have read the opinion of Kelly at Generation Cedar and hoped she might be on to something, despite the mounting evidence that spells the doom of homeschooling in the West.

    The up side, if there is any to be found at all, is that the U.S. is usually at least a decade behind the Europeans, as we still have a pretty stubborn group of people who are willing to fight for the right to live as they choose.

    Further, while I lamented the election of our current administration, I have begun to see that the overwhelming brazenness they have displayed in pushing their agenda has caused a few Americans who were oblivious to wake up.

    How all of this will effect homeschooling? We have yet to see. I tend to agree with you, BW, that an assault is on the horizon. But I think we have a few years yet before they hammer really falls on homeschoolers.

    My other thought is that even if the restrictions become impossibly stringent so that most American children have to surrender to the public school curiculum, the increase in distance learning will, at the very least, allow parents to keep their children at home where they still have more influence than they would have if their kids were on the school campuses.

    I don’t like that, but I’ll take it if it’s an option that keeps my younger kids out of the school building.

    Berean Wife Reply:


    I think we used to be a decade behind Europe but lately it seems so many are pushing for us to catch up with them that the gap is decreasing. I hope more Americans will wake up without things having to get much worse. Americans tend to get upset but that doesn’t often translate into different voting habits because there are so few really different candidates.

    Some of us with littles have a long way to go educationally still and then what about our grandchildren. 🙁

    It would be great if I’m totally wrong.

    Berean Wife

  3. I agree. I feel so blessed that we are able to homeschool and that I can cherish my little ones and nurture them here at home. I hope to not take it for granted.

    Berean Wife Reply:


    Hello! I’m afraid we as American’s take too much for granted. 🙁 We take our freedom to worship for granted so much that we don’t appreciate what others in other countries struggle with. If we don’t appreciate our freedom to worship and teach our children we tend to not notice the eating away of those rights until they are gone. Then it is often too late to do much about it.

    Berean Wife

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