Moses, a Picture of Christ

For months now I have been studying the comparison and contrast between Moses on Mount Sinai and Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount.  I have learned much and read verses with much better understanding than ever before.

This is just a portion of how Moses was a picture of the future Christ.  I added Scripture references as I found them.  I’ll add more tomorrow.

(Note the chart looks just fine on my preview but it maybe distorted in a feed or in different formats. :()

Moses Jesus
Long awaited & Promised Deliverer Long awaited & Promised Deliverer

Life Threatened by Pharaoh

(Ex 1:22)

Life Threatened by Herod

(Matt 2:16)

“… men who were seeking your life are dead.

(Exodus 4:19)

“… those who sought the child’s life are dead.”

(Matt 2:20)

Called out of Egypt

Called out of Egypt

(Matt 2:20)

Knew his mission early

(Acts 7:25)

Knew His mission early

(Luke 2:49)

Humbled himself

(Heb 11:24 – 26)

Humbled Himself

(Phil 2:6-8)

Rejected by his people

(Acts 7:26, 27)

Rejected by His People

(John 1:11)

Time spent in wilderness

Spent time in wilderness

(Luke 4:1-2)


(Ex 3:1)

Good Shepherd

(John 10:11)


2 thoughts on “Moses, a Picture of Christ

  1. I have been reading your posts although I haven’t commented in a while but I just wanted to say thank-you for sharing what He has been teaching and revealing to you. This is great…it was so wonderful for me to realize years ago how the OT points to Jesus Christ! I love the Word of God!

    Berean Wife Reply:


    Thanks. I have learned so much and it has been such fun looking at the Scriptures with different eyes. I have more to add to the chart for tomorrow. Things I had never even thought of before although I’ve read the same verses for years.

    Berean Wife

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