Homeschoolers Are Abusers According To the Media

I have been very busy lately and hardly had a chance to read any news.  But yesterday I did read an article about a missing young girl.  There was one sentence in that article that said “Because the girl was homeschooled, ….

So in addition to the sadness about the little girl who no one knows where she is, I was also saddened by the need to point out that she was homeschooled.  First of all she wasn’t homeschooled, she was home.  There is a big difference!  Just keeping your children out of public school is not homeschooling.  Abusers keep their children hidden away at home; homeschoolers live with and teach their children at home and in public.  The difference is like night and day.

Just yesterday my children were seen in public and private by probably a hundred people.  They had their private violin lessons.  Then we shopped at Sam’s Club.  We bought gas.  We then spent a long time at Academy Sports contemplating Bows and Arrows for my middle son.  The men working the hunting section would remember us well.  Then last night we ate at Red Lobster to celebrate our oldest son’s recent birthday.  Believe me at least the waiter there would remember bringing endless plates of shrimp to starving boys!

Over the past few days my children have been seen by no less than several hundred people.  Over a hundred have interacted enough with us to remember if they were to see our pictures or be asked about us.  (Which of course blows away the “lack of socialization” claim!)

True homeschoolers aren’t hidden away at home!  We might have a couple of days where no one outside of the family sees us but those are rare now that the children are older.  Even if we did nothing else like shopping or school activities, we are at church at least twice a week.  Accountability isn’t an issue.

My point is just because a child is home and not in public school don’t call it “homeschool”!  There is a big difference.

Terry has written about the same issue today.  Funny how often that happens!  Hers is a well reasoned argument while I just ranted. 🙁


4 thoughts on “Homeschoolers Are Abusers According To the Media

  1. I feel the same way. I have seen articles and blogs that call for homeschooling to be made illegal because it, in the writer’s opinion, makes the child more susceptible to abuse. I don’t see that. If you look at sheer numbers, the VAST majority of abused children are in the public school system. What about children who are abused in the system (by teachers or whomever)? UGH! It makes me so mad that the media has to pick on homeschoolers as abusive.

    Berean Wife Reply:


    While this article in itself doesn’t make too much of the connection between homeschooling and the risk of abuse (yet), it is very often an undercurrent in the comments and in the side commentaries. Homeschooling is a tidbit that is often thrown in just to inflame the passions about a lack of accountability.

    Terry’s site has a discussion going on about this and the pros and cons of more oversight. As you point out there is much more crime and abuse in the typical school situations than most are willing to admit. 🙁

    We can’t just do our own thing and think things like this aren’t going to affect us. We need to wisely pay attention and be proactive before we allow each little hard earned freedom to be eroded away.

    Berean Wife

  2. The conversation that took place on my blog was a good one for me because it sent me to my Bible. The idea that we, as Christians should never invoke our rights to just treatment was the centerpiece of the discussion.

    How many believers know that Paul did just that (several times) during his missionary travels throughout the Roman empire?

    We will have a continuation of this discussion next week, with the Bible as out backdrop instead of our emotions. Hope you have time to drop in!

    Berean Wife Reply:


    I’ve tried to keep up with the discussion even though we’ve been way too busy. It is interesting to hear the different opinions. I’ll look forward to seeing more about the subject.

    Paul’s use of his rights as a Roman citizen is something I’m familiar with. However, I must admit I’ve never studied the issue. Knowing where to be humble and submissive and where to take a stand is a difficult subject. I’m afraid it is a subject we may have to become more familiar with. 🙁

    Looking forward to it,

    Berean Wife

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