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I know, at least around here in Alabama, there is often a need for witnessing materials in Spanish.

Perla at 5 Solas has done a great job of translating sermons and video clips from pastors like Paul Washer and John MacArthur into Spanish.  Her website has a bounty of information that can be helpful if you know Spanish speaking people that are desiring to hear good solid preaching.  I can’t speak Spanish since I took years of French, so I read Perla’s site through Google Translator.  That isn’t 100% but a good 90% of the website is translated well.

Here is a sample of what can be found on her website:

¿Acaso no nos regocijaremos entonces? Cómo, ¿vas a sentarte a llorar junto a una madre que se alegra al mostrar a su hijo recién nacido? ¿Vas a juntar a un grupo de plañideras que lamenten y lloren cuando nace el heredero de la casa? Esto equivaldría a burlarse de la alegría de la madre. Y así, hoy, ¿recurriremos a música fúnebre y cantaremos himnos de dolor cuando el Señor ha resucitado, y no sólo está incólume, ileso e invencible, sino que es mucho más glorificado y exaltado que antes de Su muerte? Él se ha ido a la gloria porque toda Su obra está terminada. ¿No debería convertirse en gozo tu tristeza en el más enfático sentido?” – Charles Spurgeon

Other Spanish resources can be found at most every larger ministry site, even many popular books by pastors are available in Spanish.

Online Spanish Bible:

Reina-Valera 1995

Tracts from Living Waters in Spanish:

Million Dollar Bill Spanish

Comic Are You A Good Person?

Curved Illusion

Are You A Good Person?

Do you have any other good Spanish Resources?


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