Do You Have An Eternal View?

Do you have a long term, eternal view when praying for others?

Do you have a long term view when sharing the gospel?

Seems like because we life in an instant society, with fast food, high speed Internet and drive up cleaners.  Instant oatmeal, microwaves and prepared meals have taken much of the work out of meal preparation.  But what effect has that had on our Christian life?  Do we expect microwave conversions? Instant acceptance of the Gospel?

I was reminded of this recently when I was discouraged about some fervent prayers I have been praying for years.  Seems there has been no change in the situations. 🙁  But then I was convicted that I had the wrong time frame view.  I wanted answers right away, I mean honestly I’ve waited years isn’t that enough?  But then these prayers aren’t the sort that have a definite deadline to them.  It isn’t like I was praying for a certain amount of money by the end of the month for a large bill.  These were more along the salvation for others line.  But that is an eternal goal!

See while it might make things easier for me and definitely would make them happier and improve their lives, the real goal is salvation.  Not just a commitment card but true lasting, eternal salvation.


2 thoughts on “Do You Have An Eternal View?

  1. That is “the” focus of all my prayers for my family . Somewhere recently I heard about praying asking God no matter what it takes please to bring them to salvation…sort of confuses me when I try to think on the Sovereignty of God. Just too overwhelming sometimes, to think on it…

    Berean Wife Reply:


    You question something that many, many people question. How can God be fully Sovereign and yet answer prayers. Does prayer actually change the actions of God? I’m afraid I can’t give a satisfactory answer. 🙁 But the Bible is clear that God is Sovereign and it is equally clear that we are to pray to the Lord; fervent, continuous prayer. Somehow the Lord works it out.

    Many years ago I was actually angry when there was a very important issue that we were praying about. A fellow church member prayed and in his prayer he actually requested the Lord’s will be done. I clearly remember how at that instant I almost said “But I don’t want the Lord’s will! I want my will to be done. The Lord might will for this not to work out.” Thankfully it did work out well and that was the Lord’s will. Yet now I’ve grown enough to understand that I really do want and seek the Lord’s will. I just have to pray to be content with His will.

    The problem with praying “Lord do whatever it takes to bring Salvation” is that many people think it will just affect the person they are praying about. That the one they are praying for may lose a job, home or child and then be brought to Salvation. However, often the one praying doesn’t realize how that prayer might actually be that they themselves lose a job, home or child and through that the person they prayed for may be brought to Salvation. When thinking like that, it becomes much harder to pray such a prayer. 🙁

    Berean Wife

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