Do You Love to Serve?

Do you love to serve?

Or do you serve for the recognition?

Is the point of your service for the praise and accolades that you expect to get?

Or do you serve whether or not there is praise or recognition?

Even more difficult to answer:

Do you serve because then God should love you more?

Do you serve because God will then bless you more because of your service?

She Has No Name

She goes by Tinang Kule, which means simply, “mother of Kule”.  Her real name?  I don’t know…I have never heard it.  It, like her personal identity, has been quieted…. never to be spoken again.

Her life is given in total sacrifice to others, even her own name is sacrificed and she is known only as the mother of her first-born.

Her day begins early.  She starts the fire to begin cooking so that others might eat.  It is hot and laborious work. ….

Why do you serve?

Is it because you love to serve from your heart, changed by the Lord?


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