And They’re Off !!!!!!!!!

Off to Ch*na that is.

Friends of ours are flying to Ch*na to finalize the adoption of their two little boys.

Lots of us are flying with them, at least vicariously.  They are part ours too, many of us.  We’ve talked about them, prayed for them, helped raise money for them, commiserated over delays, and looked at pictures for well over a year.  Yet the boys have not met any of us.  They’ve not even met their new mom and dad.  Not their six new brothers and sisters.  Not the grandmother that has gone to help out with the little ones.  Nor the grandpa who stayed home to take care of the pets they haven’t seen yet.  I haven’t even mentioned the extended family, the church family and the friends who the boys have yet to meet.

{Need to pray the US government doesn’t shut down.  Turns out the American Consulate will shut down also if that happens.}


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