X-Ray Questions – David Powlison – Part 4

X-Ray Questions; Discerning Functional Gods – David Powlison

Here are the next 5 Questions:


31. How do you live for yourself?


32. How do you live as a slave of the devil?


33. How do you implicitly say, “If only.…” (to get what you want, avoid what you don’t want, keep what you have)?


34. What instinctively seems and feels right to you? What are your opinions, things you feel are true?


35. Where do you find your identity? How do you define who you are?


The Knower of hearts will recompense each person according to his deeds (see Jer.17:10). Scripture never bifurcates motive and behavior. The mirror of Scripture exposes both. The lamp of Scripture guides both. The grace and power of Jesus Christ change both root and fruit. The “first great commandment” addresses motivational roots: Do you love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength? Or does something else divide and steal your affections? The “second great commandment” addresses behavioral fruits: Do you love your neighbor as yourself? Or do you misuse, bully, fear, avoid, hate, ignore your neighbor? The gospel of Jesus Christ bridges from darkness to light. Grace takes out of us the heart of stone, teaching us to know God; grace replaces the hands and tongue that work evils, teaching us to live more beautiful lives.



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