Tim Challies has chosen an odd word to describe the movie DividedDestructive.

Divided The Movie

It’s a destructive message wrapped in a poorly-made documentary. The church would do well to ignore it.

The Shack

All this is not to say there is nothing of value in the book. However, it is undeniable to the reader who will look to the Bible, that there is a great deal of error within The Shack. There is too much error.


My suggestion to parents would be to leave this book on the shelf instead of handing it to your teenage girl (and especially your young teenage girl). At the very least, read it yourself and see if your conscience is clear before you hand it to her.


How can the idea of father’s taking back responsibility and families worshiping together be destructive?



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  1. Hi, BW!
    I do agree that his wording was over the top… however, I do understand the dichotomy that exists. To have the family-segregated view represented only by those who are waaaaay out there with all the piercings and tattoos and nothing good to say, and those representing the family-integrated view to be well-spoken and well-groomed, etc., is misleading. I am sure that not all FIC proponents are that put-together, and not all Sunday-school-espousing Christians are so rebellious. But I do agree, there are more destructive forces threatening christendom right now than the movie “Divided”

    Just a thought.

    Berean Wife Reply:


    Just a question, did you watch the movie?

    I didn’t watch it until after Challies’ review myself. Why? I wasn’t interested because I have studied the issue myself already. I’m in a FIC church because I am confident it is a better model for the Church Biblically and for my children. But I watched the movie because of Challies’ extreme response. I expected him to give a negative review. I recommend him often for his thorough book reviews. I will often check his site for a review prior to buying a book just to see what to expect. However, he has a definite blind-spot when it comes to homeschooling and now obviously FIC. I tend to warn people about that. But never did I expect such an uncharacteristic totally inaccurate review.

    So I watched the movie …

    Multiple times.

    Closely, with a fine toothed comb.

    Guess what I found?

    I have yet to find a tattoo.

    Piercings? I only found one piercing and that was a nose ring on the Mohawked girl when I zoomed in 400%. Only reason I zoomed is because Challies said “a girl with a face full of piercings who partied so hard at the concert that her mohawk collapsed.” Only reason we know she had a mohawk is the girls mentioned it themselves.

    There were several well spoken and put together interviews of Youth Group proponents:

    Rick Lawrence – Group Magazine
    Dr. Walt Mueller – Center for Parent / Youth Understanding
    Jeanne Mayo

    I agree there are bigger issues than the movie Divided. Actually I think his negative review has actually encouraged more to watch the movie which may be a good thing. Definitely caused me to watch the movie. We just need to be sure our reactions are based on the facts and not an emotional response.

    The movie is nothing like Challies portrayed it to be.

    Berean Wife

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  4. Just out of curiosity, what did you find wrong with The Shack? I haven’t read it in a while, and I didn’t really study it too deeply, but I can’t seem to remember anything wrong with it. I would love to hear your opinion.

    Berean Wife Reply:


    The Reader’s Review of the Shack is a very good in depth review of the issues.

    “The Shack” – A Warning is a much shorter review of issues.

    But in a short answer the God portrayed in the book and the Jesus portrayed are not the same as the ones in the Bible. The Shack’s Trinity is different than what we are told in the Bible.

    Berean Wife

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