What Do You Think The Kids Say?

Read on a blog post:

I’m done with summer.

The school can have my kids back.

School starts for us on September 6th. I love having the kids home with me, I really do. But we’ve done summer. We’ve had the pool parties, the sleep overs, the camping trips, the roadtrips, and the all-day-tv veg days.

What do you think the kids would say about mom?

Sad, sad. 🙁

When did parenting become entertaining the children until “real” life starts back?



2 thoughts on “What Do You Think The Kids Say?

  1. At least this WAS just a blog post. Hopefully the kids will not see it. It bothers me every year to hear how many parents are enthusiastic about school starting back. It is also bad when parents say (right in front of the kids) “I could never homeschool. My kids drive me crazy!”


    Berean Wife Reply:


    It is amazing what people will say. But I tend not to mind pointing out that if you say things like that or are always looking for an excuse to pawn off your children on others you have a spiritual issue and / or a discipline issue. Children are a blessing, the Lord says so repeatedly. If they aren’t a blessing to you than you are sinning and should repent. Either you have spiritual issues such as selfishness …………….

    Oh well, sounds like a post instead of a comment. 🙂

    Berean Wife


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