Session 1 – Preaching the Supremacy of Christ (Lawson)

Session 1 – Preaching the Supremacy of Christ (Lawson)

Text: Colossians 1:28-29

Colossians 1:28-29

28 Him we proclaim, warning (admonishing) everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature (complete) in Christ.

29 For this I toil (labor), struggling (striving) with all his energy that he powerfully works within me. (ESV)

What a man thinks of Christ will tell you how a man thinks about everything else religious in his life. A high view of Christ yields a high view of preaching, a high standard of holiness, a high commitment to the church and evangelism. The reverse is also true. Thus the need for preaching the preeminence of Christ – His unrivaled supremacy.

Notice what Paul proclaims in verse 28, the first word – Him, that is, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The overview for all of Lawson’s session follows:

1. What we preach, or better said, who we preach.

2. How we preach. It matters to God how we preach. There are four words used to describe how we are to preach.

a. proclaim

b. admonishing

c. teaching

d. wisdom

3. Why we preach. So that every man can be complete in Christ.

4. To whom we preach. We preach to every man.

5. What we preach.

Session 1 addresses what we preach. We preach “Him”, that is the Lord Jesus Christ. We do not preach a set of rules, or a cause, or a political view. We preach the risen Lord Jesus Christ. Christianity is Jesus Christ. Everything we do in the Christian life hinges upon Christ. See 1 Corinthians 2:2 and 2 Corinthians 4:5. It does not matter what book or passage we are preaching from, we must preach Jesus Christ.

What does it mean to preach Christ? See Colossians 1:15-23. There are seven truths about Jesus Christ in these verses.

1. To preach Christ is to preach that Jesus Christ is God. See Colossians 1:15. Fully, completely God. Jesus Christ is the full and perfect revelation of God. All deity dwells in Jesus Christ. See Colossians 2:9. He who has seen Jesus Christ has seen God the Father. Jesus Christ possesses all the divine attributes of God and all the power of God.

a. Understanding this truth is the cornerstone to understanding all other doctrines of the Bible.

b. This means that Jesus Christ has the right to rule and command our lives.

2. To preach Christ is to preach that Jesus Christ is sovereign. See Colossians 1:15. Jesus is the firstborn of all creation. Not that He is a created being – that is the Arian heresy. Jesus is the creator (see verse 16). “Firstborn” here means possessing all of the rights of the firstborn son. See Revelation 1:5. The heir, the inheritor of the legacy, the manager of the estate. Jesus is the first over all creation – the position of full supremacy. The position of full authority.

3. To preach Christ is to preach that Jesus Christ is creator. See Colossians 1:16. By Christ all things were created. “By Him” should read “In Him”. Nothing falls outside the creative power of Jesus Christ. See John 1:3.

a. Note that the creation is by Him, through Him, and for Him.

b. The One who made all is the one who will judge all.

4. To preach Christ is to preach that Jesus Christ is not only the creator, He is also the sustainer. See Colossians 1:17. Nothing is outside the immediate control of Jesus Christ. Deism is heresy.

5. To preach Christ is to preach that Jesus Christ is the head of the church. See Colossians 1:18. Jesus Christ controls, oversees, directs, guides, manages, requires submission from, the church. Christ is the greatest of all who will be resurrected unto life. Notice the use of the word “preeminence” in verse 18. That means first place in everything. All things are to please Him. It doesn’t matter if we please or displease anyone else.

6. To preach Christ is to preach that Jesus Christ is Lord. See Colossians 1:19-20. How do we see the Lordship of Christ in these verses?

a. Jesus is Lord because God is Lord. All the fullness of the deity of God dwells within Jesus Christ.

b. Jesus is Lord because He reconciles ALL THINGS to Himself. Only the Lord of all things can reconcile all things to Himself.

i. All things shall bow to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is exalted above all. Jesus Christ has authority over all.

7. To preach Christ is to preach that Jesus Christ is savior. See Colossians 1:21-22. Only Jesus Christ can reconcile evil man to the holy God.


Why preach anything else than Jesus Christ? There is salvation in no other name.



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