Usually every year during the last week of the year I spend time on organization and planning.  So far this year I’ve gotten very little done due to being very busy with several things.  However, typically I update the next year’s calendar and get an idea of what is coming up.  This is a time of the year that I typically adjust chores for the children (also coincides with several of them having birthdays and getting older).  Over the years I’ve used different organizational helps and ideas.  When the kids were little we had different style chore charts and/or posters.  Now they are mostly older and we don’t use that method so much.  I’ve had and used a household notebook and daytimers.  While I still have my household notebook I don’t always use it regularly.  Bulk is it’s issue.  Many of my organization things have transitioned to electronic formats; such as I no longer have an updated hard copy contacts list, the old style address book has gone by the wayside.

My oldest gave me his iPod touch several months ago and it has been used as my household “notebook” quite a bit lately.  It is nicer than having to haul around a large notebook with all my papers in it.  There are a number of apps that are quite helpful although I’ve found no one app that does it all in an integrated format.

Here are some of things I use to organize.

iPod apps

Basics – contacts, reminders, calendar, calculator

Bible – Pocket Bible, Logos, ESV Bible

Bible Reading Plans – YouVersion Bible (I like that you can listen to the daily Bible reading plan.)

Calendar – Cozi

Books – Kindle ( it is great to have a book available when stuck in traffic or held up unexpectedly)

Grocery – Pepperplate, Grocery Gadget, Our Groceries

Cooking – Pepperplate, Allrecipes, Big Oven

Menu planning – Pepperplate, Big Oven

Sermons – iTunes,

General Notes and Miscellaneous – One Note (actually have somewhat of an electronic version of my household notebook)

Computer Programs

General Notes and Miscellaneous – One Note (syncs with iPod)

Recipes / Cooking / Meal Planning – Mastercook (I have an old version which doesn’t sync), Pepperplate (online), Big Oven (online)

Calendar / Contacts / Feeds – Outlook (my son says few people actually use that anymore but I like it and it syncs)

So what do you use for organization?


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