Forgiveness – R.C. Sproul Quote

A favorite saying of R.C. Sproul’s was brought back to my mind today.

What do you do with the person who says, “I’ve asked God to forgive me about this, but I still feel guilty”? I hear that statement over and over again. I usually say to these people, “If you still feel guilty, then pray to God again. But this time don’t ask Him to forgive you for the sin that is haunting you. Rather, ask Him to forgive you for insulting His integrity by refusing to accept His forgiveness. Who are you to refuse to forgive yourself when God has forgiven you? When God promises to forgive His people when they repent, He is not playing games. If He says He will forgive you, then He will forgive you. And if God forgives you, you are forgiven.”


R.C. Sproul

The corollary also applies:

Whom have you not forgiven yet God has forgiven?

Many still punish and hold against another their sins even though the Lord has forgiven them. We cannot be a higher judge than God is; demanding more repentance than God does.



Having trouble forgiving others?

“No sane person would ever say, ‘I don’t need to be forgiven.’ But every time we fail to forgive, we demonstrate that belief operating in us. What do you think when someone sins against you? ‘I can’t believe they did that to me!’ ‘I would never do that!’ These thoughts reveal our hearts…When we say ‘I would never do that’, we really mean, ‘I may be a sinner, but I am not that bad!’ This is a subtle lie. We remove ourselves from the sinner category. We fail to see how desperate and needy we are for the forgiving grace of God every moment of every day.”

Tim Lane, “Pursuing and Granting Forgiveness,” JBC (Spring, 2005)