What Do You Look For In a Church?

I was asked a question yesterday:

If I were to start looking for a new church, where do I look and what do I look for? Which denomination holds closest to the true gospel?

That is a very good question. While I am working on writing out what seems to be the requirements of a church according to Scripture, what are your thoughts?


Does Your Church Perform Infant Baptisms?

Does your church practice paedo-baptism (infant baptisms)? Most Baptist churches insist they don’t, or do they? Did they just change the age from infant to 6-8 years?

Paige Patterson – President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary:

“I do not view [positively] the huge number of child baptisms that Baptists are now guilty of–Baptists are some of the worst paedo-baptizers there are.”

Here is the context of that quote from an interview between Mark Dever and Paige Patterson found in Interview with Paige Patterson from Founder’s Ministries.

Dever: I heard about one church recently, and I don’t know if you know about churches like this or not, in order to encourage baptisms among children the baptistry is shaped like a fire truck and they’ve got confetti cannons that go off whenever a kid is baptized. Do you know about any of this?

Patterson: This is my first time to hear this. This is blasphemous!

Dever: Anyway, it’s a church in America. It’s an evangelical church and they mean to preach the gospel so I want to be real quick to say their intentions are good. That’s going to get kids of course, because they want to come forward, get in the fire truck and make the confetti cannons go off. {If you have not heard of this see Children’s Ministry: Toon Time.}

Patterson: I do not view [positively] the huge number of child baptisms that Baptists are now guilty of–Baptists are some of the worst paedo-baptizers there are.

Dever: I know the average age of baptism has dropped, I think, about 10 years in the last 100 years. When you read biographies from the 19th century, they’re always getting baptized at 17, 18, 19, 20. J. R. Graves was baptized when he was 19. John Gill was that way. John A. Broadus was that way.

Patterson: It’s out of hand in our churches.

Dever: I don’t think we have to say that children can’t be saved, we’re not saying that at all. But the difficulties to us are knowing that they’re saved

Patterson: Because of the difficulties of communication.

See also Childhood Conversion.


Southern Baptists are Losing 88% of the Next Generation

According to Voddie Baucham, Southern Baptists are losing 88% of the next generation. I’ve watched for years that once a teen graduates or is on their own, they leave the church. Even in our church, we have very few young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 years of age. Research has shown that ex-Baptist are very easily convinced to join cults. Even at the small Reformed Baptist Church we visited last week most of them were from a Southern Baptist background.

This is an interview with Voddie Baucham.


You might be Southern Baptist if …

You understand that ‘dinner on the grounds’ doesn’t mean actually eating off the ground.

You know to bring food for every occasion.

Birth of a baby is worth a couple of casseroles.

A death in the family is worth a complete meal.

Revival offerings are taken up in Kentucky Fried Chicken buckets.

No one knows the words to the third verse in the hymnal.

Your church has a “committee on committees”.

VBS has a larger budget than the pastor.

Fellowship means to eat together.

You know what ‘sword drills’ means.

You use ‘Roberts Rules of Order’ for business meetings.

You know the pledge to the Christian Flag.

You understand the term ‘right hand of Christian fellowship’.

The most important part of teaching Sunday School is planning the snacks.

No one can agree about when to make announcements.

No one likes it when you don’t have an order of worship.

Your church keeps Krispy Kreme in business.

There are more church members in the Mexican restaurant after church than were in the service.

Everyone vies for the position “Minister of the Thermostat”.


You might be a Calvinist if …

Here are some of my favorites

You might be a Calvinist if …

“…sitting in a tub full of scissors sounds more appealing to you than listening to a Sunday School class share their personal gut feelings about a Bible verse, you are a good candidate.”

If you purchased an MP3 player with the sole purpose of downloading sermons, or

If you were shocked to just discover that some people download MP3 files that are not sermons, or

… If you think a 50-minute sermon is too short, or

If you find yourself talking to the Lord Jesus more than to your family, and

If you find yourself wanting to read your Bible instead of watching television, and

If quotes from Pink, Spurgeon, Luther, Piper, and McArthur pop into your head at random times during the day

…If your children never ask you “Where are we going?” on Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night,

…you just might be a Calvinist.”

These came from Team Tominthebox News Network® there are plenty more and be sure to read the comments they are full of additional ones.