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Thar’s B’ars in Them Thar Hills

Several months ago my middle son came running in saying he had seen a bear in the neighbor’s woods.  We didn’t know whether to believe him or chalk it up to an over active imagination.   He is the one though that if there is a snake nearby he will see it.  My oldest daughter went out with him carrying the camera to get a picture of this bear.  Before long they came back and both reported having seen the bear but he was too far away for the camera to pick him up.  Then throughout the day they saw him several times.  I had injured my foot and was unable to traipse around outside very well.  The bear did not seem intimidated by the humans watching him and even was brave enough to come closer to the barn later in the day.

Since bears don’t live in this part of Alabama:

“Black bears in Alabama are primarily limited to Baldwin, Mobile, and Washington counties.  Reports of bears have been confirmed in several northeast counties but are suspected of being transient bears from other southeastern states.”


I called a couple of the neighbors to let them know about it. After the kids had seen the bear for the fourth time that day, near our property, I decided to call the Alabama Fish and Wildlife to report it.  The Game Warden came out and my son showed him where he had first seen the bear and the area where they had both seen him.  No evidence was found, of course.  Too many leaves for footprints.  But it began to rain in earnest after being a misty day so the hunt for the bear was cut short.  Essentially we got the impression that either we were mistaken about the bear or that it was just traveling thorough.  Not a big deal. Heard how some folks erroneously report things such as black wolves or cougars.  But of course, cougars aren’t around because if they were they would be getting hit by cars like they are in Florida.

We found footprints and much more evidence (scat, trees scratched and down) over the next few days.  The bear was also seen in our pasture a couple of times shortly thereafter.  But the Pyrs also saw the bear and gave it a furious chase.  Since then we haven’t ‘seen’ the bear in our property but it likes the neighbor’s and has been seen and heard several times since then over there.  It sounds like an elephant walking through the woods.  After it was obvious the bear was sticking around and we had evidence, I called the Alabama Fish and Wildlife again to update.  “The State Biologist will give me a call.”  So far several months later I have yet to receive that call.

One neighbor has told us she has since both seen the bear and had troubles with the bear and garbage cans.  Turns out the bear hauled her garbage can, the large rural dumpster can, to the edge of the woods.  Another time a bag of garbage was carried to the middle of a field.

Here is a picture of one very large bear foot.  This is 9 inches long and 6 inches across.  We got this at the fence area where the bear was coming into our property.



A game camera failed to get any pictures of the bear.  Nor have we have succeeded in getting pictures.  No one has seen the bear when they have the camera.  The joke is the safest way to be in the woods or on the mountain is to carry the camera.  Once my son and daughter were together and they had the camera.  For a short bit my son walked on ahead with the camera while his sister was behind him some.  She ran up on the bear up close and personal but of course no camera.  The bear had moved on by the time my son returned to her.

Now we have seen multiple bears and cubs so there is definitely a reproducing population of bears NOT LIVING in this area of Alabama. {sarcasm}

I had started this post back in January but was hoping to get a picture of the bear that doesn’t live in Alabama but alas I think the bear is laughing at us.  But that’s OK because bears in Alabama are old news ……….!


What Do John MacArthur and R.C. Sproul Have in Common Beyond Theology?

On Tuesday I asked “What do John MacArthur and R.C. Sproul have in common beyond theology?”

Both were involved in very serious and potentially fatal transportation accidents in Alabama while traveling through the state.

From John MacArthur’s biography John MacArthur: Servant of the Word and Flock:

At the end of his first year at Bob Jones, John, bound for home, shared a car with five other students as they drove through Alabama.  While proceeding at speed, the driver lost control; a door burst open as the car turned over, and John was thrown out.  He was to land in a seated position on the asphalt road and slide for over 100 yards.  Nothing was broken but third degrees friction burns took the flesh off his back, and embedded asphalt in what remained.  One hand would be scarred for life.  …

Three months of hospital and skin grafts had a huge impact on MacArthur as a college student.

R.C. Sproul was involved in a potentially fatal train accident in Alabama in 1993.  The Big Bayou Canot train wreck killed 42 people and injured hundreds.    Both R.C. Sproul and his wife were on that fatal train.  They were uninjured but often you will hear Sproul speak about that train wreck in his lectures and sermons.

From Train Wreck:

Often the language of the reporters when they comment on such accidents includes references to the “ill-fated train,” or the “ill-fated plane.” I hope this is merely a manner of speaking and that the reporters do not really believe that the destiny of human beings is in the hands of “fate.” The fates were part of the mythological system of the ancient world, and they were depicted as arbitrary, capricious, and mischievous sub-deities who wreaked havoc among people. Today fate is sometimes seen as a blind force of nature that causes horrible things or good things to happen to us.

The doctrine of the providence of God leaves no room for fate, blind or otherwise. God is not blind; neither is He capricious. For Him there are no accidents. With God there are no cases of chance events.

Now you know.


Today is a Football Game for Alabama – What are you teaching the children?

I dislike football, actually to be honest, I hate it.  Why?  Because I’ve lived in Alabama all my life and all you ever hear about is Alabama and Auburn football.  Half the state is either red and white or orange and blue.  Nothing can be accomplished when a football game is expected, playing or even finished.

Today we are expected to have snow and possible serious driving problems.  Most of the schools have let out for the next two days due to the weather.  But because of a football game due to be played on TV tonight a local weatherman has even received threats if he breaks in during the game with a weather up date.   People are sick and depraved in Alabama!

But what are they teaching their children?

Small children usually learn to love what Mom and Dad love. Show me a ten year-old who loves the Texas Longhorns, and I’ll show you a parent who had him in front of the TV (or on the fifty yard line in Austin) when he was smaller. Moreover, show me a parent who views daily family worship as drudgery and I’ll show you a kid who probably thinks the same. This is not to say we have to be fake, or that we have to make our family worship artificially “exciting” in order to appease our kids. It is, however, to say that we must buy in to this. We need to have a passion for the God of the gospel and a desire to honor him in our homes. 


Voddie Baucham