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One Thousand Gifts – Challies Review

Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts came out quite a bit ago and many, many women where thrilled with it.  When I read about the book I found she was influenced by mystical writers and there were a few questionable areas.  Since no one I knew closely was talking about the book I didn’t bother with a review.

Tim Challies did a review which encompasses the concerns I had without me having to read it. 🙂

One Thousand Gifts

Having now read this book, I want to point to a couple of some significant concerns.

The first pertains to the people who have influenced Voskamp in her journey to eucharisteo. Her theology is an eclectic combination of Protestantism and Catholic or Catholic-influenced mysticism. She either quotes or is influenced by authors like Henri Nouwen, Brennan Manning, Teresa of Avila, Brother Lawrence, Annie Dillard, and Dallas Willard. This brings to the book a deep-rooted mysticism that at times seems even to border on the view that the divine exists within and extends to all parts of nature (a teaching known as panentheism). At heart, mysticism promotes the view that God can be experienced, and perhaps even best experienced, outside of Scripture. This comes in direct contrast to what Scripture itself says, that Scripture is God’s final and sufficient revelation of himself.

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Challies’ second concern is even more disconcerting when you realize how many women love the book.