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Today is a Football Game for Alabama – What are you teaching the children?

I dislike football, actually to be honest, I hate it.  Why?  Because I’ve lived in Alabama all my life and all you ever hear about is Alabama and Auburn football.  Half the state is either red and white or orange and blue.  Nothing can be accomplished when a football game is expected, playing or even finished.

Today we are expected to have snow and possible serious driving problems.  Most of the schools have let out for the next two days due to the weather.  But because of a football game due to be played on TV tonight a local weatherman has even received threats if he breaks in during the game with a weather up date.   People are sick and depraved in Alabama!

But what are they teaching their children?

Small children usually learn to love what Mom and Dad love. Show me a ten year-old who loves the Texas Longhorns, and I’ll show you a parent who had him in front of the TV (or on the fifty yard line in Austin) when he was smaller. Moreover, show me a parent who views daily family worship as drudgery and I’ll show you a kid who probably thinks the same. This is not to say we have to be fake, or that we have to make our family worship artificially “exciting” in order to appease our kids. It is, however, to say that we must buy in to this. We need to have a passion for the God of the gospel and a desire to honor him in our homes. 


Voddie Baucham