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Jean Craighead George – Julie of the Wolves series

This book is an absolute NO here. I don’t know why some authors write good books like “My Side of the Mountain” and yet then turn around and write a horrible book with unnecessary evil. The extra bad thing is this book got a Newberry Award. That means an award such as Newberry is discredited in my mind.

No itemized list as to issues with the book just this from Wikipedia:

The inclusion of Julie of the Wolves in elementary school reading lists has been challenged several times due to parental concerns regarding the attempted rape of the main character.

Nuff said.


Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice – Berean Daughter’s review

I must admit that this review tickled me.  Ya think she didn’t like the book?

I’m also impressed because while I read these books several times as a teen myself, I don’t think I had as much discernment.  I had no guidelines as to what I read.  Hey, I was reading books I was better than all the teens sitting at home watching TV, right?

When my oldest children were growing up we spent alot of time reviewing and critiquing books.   I was very critical of what my children read.  Essentially, better no reading than bad reading.  As I’ve matured in the faith some books no longer get a free pass (Chronicles of Narnia) like they did when the children were younger.  Fiction is also considered to be junk food.  Ok in small amounts, but not the steady diet and hopefully something that children can learn isn’t good for you.  Very few fiction books are worth the time, Pilgrim’s Progress being one of the exceptions.  Adults who only read fiction are wasting their time and decreasing their potential for spiritual growth.

When my oldest became teens they were in charge of reviewing books for the younger children.  I could trust them to do a good job and they had more time than I did.  My oldest daughter would often set aside a new book after a couple of pages because of bad words or bad attitudes.  Bad words did not mean curse words like some suppose but any words that my children were not allowed to use themselves.  So darn, OMG, and stupid would all fall in that category.

As a seventeen year old senior my daughter is pretty much allowed to read what she desires especially considering most of our books come free from Gutenberg Press.  Now she does have guidelines and we discuss books, plus she also has her 20 year old brother to ask about books. I would not have recommended her even bothering reading this book but since she is working on some book reviews of the average books a homeschool family may read she decided to.

I’m also relieved to know that she isn’t planing on pining away waiting on her “Mr. Darcy” to show up and always looking at every young man as a potential “Mr. Darcy”.  As we all know “Mr. Darcy” is just fiction, real young men and older men are sinners like us, hopefully saved by grace.

Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice

Foolishness (Prov 15:2; Prov 15:14; Eccl 10:13)
Foolish women spinning their heads at every “eligible” young man that comes into view.


Kathleen Norris – Mother

Kathleen Norris – Mother 

“There’s something magnificent in a woman like your mother, who begins eight destinies instead of one … Responsibility, – that’s what other women say they are afraid of! But it seems to me there’s no responsibility like that of decreeing that young lives simply shall not be.  Why, what good is learning, or elegance of manner, or painfully acquired fineness of speech, and taste and point of view, if you are not going to distil it into growing plants, the only real hope we have in the world!”


Mother is an amazing book about a young lady who rejects the idea that a woman’s calling is in her home.  She leaves home to find fulfillment in a career and social life, but in the end, God brings her back and shows her what it really is to be a mother.

The review also includes a link to a free copy of the small book.

Review by Berean Daughter

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Jean Craighead George – My Side of the Mountain

Book Review George’s My Side of the Mountain

“I am on my mountain in a tree home that people have passed without ever knowing that I am here. The house is a hemlock tree six feet in diameter, and must be as old as the mountain itself.  I came upon it last summer and dug and burned it out until I made a snug cave in the tree that I now call home.”


Sam Gribley is tired of living in a crowded New York City apartment, so he runs away to the Catskill Mountain wilderness to forge a life of his own.  No one takes his plans seriously – except Sam himself.  With only a penknife, a ball of cord, forty dollars, and some flint and steel, he must rely on his own ingenuity and on the resources of the land to survive. And survive he does.  Alone in the mountains, Sam learns about courage, danger, and the true meaning of companionship, and captures it all in his journal. My Side of the Mountain is the vivid and engrossing account of the year that changes Sam’s life.[1]

[1] Taken from the back cover of Puffin Book’s My Side of the Mountain

Review By Berean Daughter

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Amazon source My Side of the Mountain


This is a book I remembered from my childhood and was eager to share it with the kids.  Lots of interesting animal and plant trivia woven throughout.


The linked review was written by my oldest daughter.  Haven’t quite figured out how to post her reviews without linking to them.


WARNING – This by no means gives the author a blanket pass. Do not let your children read Julie of The Wolves.