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Instantly Find the Bible Verse in a Document

I tend to need to look up Bible references because my Bible verse memory does not retain the reference very well. Now my husband on the other hand can read a reference and know the verse it is referring to and the context of the verse. But not me. I can remember large portions of verses but often can’t even remember what book it comes from.

A few days ago I installed InstaVerse on my computer. It was a free download that I decided to try because often I will be reading an email or a word document and read a Bible Verse reference, needing to look it up. I have been so pleased with the program that can just become active when you turn on your computer. Typically you wouldn’t even know the program is open. However, if you read an email or a Word document that includes Bible references such as John 3:10, Titus 2:5 and Rev 6:10 you can just hover over them like here on the website. On the website Reftagger causes the verses to be in a small pop-up box. But Reftagger only works on the websites that have it embedded but not on personal documents.

InstaVerse is a free download that will allow you to have the KJV version; other versions are available for a small fee. However if you like the ESV version, an additional program can be downloaded called Bible Explorer 4, which is free also. Bible Explorer 4 is a Bible program that can be installed on the computer and allows you to study your Bible with a software program when you do not have internet access. The ESV with study notes is free with a coupon code which will also allow it to be used in InstaVerse. Sounds confusing but if I could do it, without my computer son, anyone can. I had to restart my computer before the program became active after installing.

My computer is running Windows 7. The InstaVerse works well on my Word documents and my emails, however it doesn’t work on websites for me. My computer has as much blocked as possible; ads, pop-ups, etc. so that could be the issue or it could be just using Windows 7 since it is so new. But even so I have enjoyed the ability to hover over emails and Word documents reading the verses as I go. The program is so fast! Instantly changes verses as you move to a new verse.

Another very helpful feature of the InstaVerse program is that if you are writing an email or a Word document and want to include a verse all you have to do is type out the reference such as Genesis 1:1 and then press a hotkey (such as ALT & F8) and the verse will auto fill with the complete verse. There are settings to change so that you can adjust the way the verse displays. Very easy and very fast, also.

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