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Coming Out Of Egypt

Interesting quote on the Law.

Joshua and Caleb

Most who came out of Egypt never really came out of Egypt. They took on the form of Israel reaping many of the temporal benefits of Israel. But the whole way they murmured against God and his servant, even reminiscing about the whip of Pharaoh, because they loved Egypt’s produce and despised the bread the Lord provided. Yet, the Lord held the entire congregation together, using even those who despised him to provide for his Israel. Then of that great multitude, only Caleb and the chosen remnant (the children) were delivered, as the Lord promised. These entered, not by Moses who stood as a type of the law by which no sinner may enter glory, but by Joshua. How our God does work all things together for the good of those he has made little children, faithful dogs, Caleb’s who follow Christ Jesus our Joshua!                               


Pastor Clay Curtis

HT: Don Fortner

Are you looking back to the Law of Moses and murmuring against Jesus Christ and His New Covenant?

Are you striving to enter the Promised Land by way of the Law of Moses and not by Christ and Christ alone?