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Frustrated With Blogger

I get so frustrated with Blogger at times. Blogger doesn’t not have a spam filter for comments. So if comments aren’t moderated anyone can leave any type of comment they desire. They don’t allow any settings so that regular commenters can comment and new commenters are moderated.

Even word verification, the feature to type in the abstract word in a picture, does not stop an individual who wants to advertise what they are selling or share some type of sinful material.

I prefer to not have to moderate comments, takes extra time also. I don’t delete or ignore the negative comments unless they have crude or foul language in them. But I can’t seem to allow unmoderated comments without someone leaving their trash.

I have this self-hosted site which my son set up because he prefers WordPress to Blogger. This site is bereanwife.net (here) and it has the same info as the Blogspot site. WordPress has several extra features blogger doesn’t have such as pages. Separate feeds for certain topics. But the most valuable is that comments have a spam filter and comments can be set to allow regular commenters to comment while the new comments are moderated. Sometime when time allows I will have to figure out how to transfer the comments from Blogger to this WordPress site. (That’s not today!)

I apologize for any comments that may have been visible before I deleted them on the Blogspot site. Seems the bad comments pop up in the middle of the night when normal people sleep.