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How Does Your Garden Grow?

We’ve all heard the children’s rhyme “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells, and cockle shells,
And pretty maids all in a row.

Around here our garden grows quite well with weeds.  The daily thunderstorms we’ve had have been extra kind to the weeds.  Why the vegetables don’t thrive as well as the weeds is beyond me.

Weeding a garden takes lots of time and work.

This is what I’ve learned that weeding takes.

  • Digging down deep in the dirt before ever setting out plants, really turning the dirt.

  • Early morning weeding before the heat of the day and before the mosquitoes in the evening.

  • Daily attention, even missing a weekend will set you back.

  • Recognizing weeds.  This is my biggest problem knowing the weeds from the seedlings.

  • Choking out weeds with mulch or landscape fabric.

  • Ridding weeds by the root and not just nipping it shorter.

Sounds like I might would do pretty well except there is a key ingredient left out  – hard work!

They all sound doable and reasonable until you get right down to doing the work.  Then it’s too hot, too buggy, back hurts, cheaper to buy vegetables, fear of snakes, hopeless, waste of time, …

Jesus used analogies about gardening and vineyards all through His sermons and actually all through the whole Bible. (John 15:1-16)

If we are a garden designed to yield fruit, good and lasting fruit, what must we do to tend our garden?  How about some of the same things?

  • Digging down deep removing the sin from our lives, even the deep unknown sins, and coming in repentance to the Lord.

  • Early morning time with God before the busyiness of the day and before the little things that annoy in the evening.

  • Daily attention, even missing a weekend will set you back.

  • Recognizing wrong teaching and false doctrine.  Do you know the false from the truth?  Doctrine matters.

  • Not allowing sin to see the light of day.  Giving no opportunity for the devil to get a foothold. 

  • Look for the root issue of sin.  Just dealing with the exterior visible sin is not enough.