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Medicine Man Doesn’t Cure the Bad Balance

Last night on the way home from church we noticed that the traffic was very heavy going in the opposite direction. Then I remembered why. Talladega Racing. We don’t pay any attention to racing, actually it seems pretty silly and boring to watch cars go around and around in circles.

But we had read in the local newspaper a very interesting article just this week.

Medicine man blesses speedway

There have long been rumors of Talladega Superspeedway being haunted, but speedway officials took steps to “restore balance” at the track on Thursday.

Robert Thrower, a medicine man from the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, performed a traditional Native American blessing ceremony at the start-finish line of the 2.66-mile speedway on Thursday.

Then the article goes on to quote the Talladega Raceway President:

“It was a very moving ceremony,” Humphrey said. “It’s like Mr. Thrower said, sometimes things just need to be brought back into balance. With the controversy that surrounded Talladega when we first opened, it’s a possibility that there has always been some unbalance here. I’m confident in saying that after this ceremony however, we don’t have to worry about that anymore and we are looking forward to a great AMP Energy 500 race weekend.”

But after getting home and seeing the news headlines, I think that maybe the Talladega Raceway needs to look into something else other than Indian Medicine Men!

Another Talladega, another scary wreck-filled race

Might I suggest turning to the Scriptures and God.