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Frustrated With Blogger

I get so frustrated with Blogger at times. Blogger doesn’t not have a spam filter for comments. So if comments aren’t moderated anyone can leave any type of comment they desire. They don’t allow any settings so that regular commenters can comment and new commenters are moderated.

Even word verification, the feature to type in the abstract word in a picture, does not stop an individual who wants to advertise what they are selling or share some type of sinful material.

I prefer to not have to moderate comments, takes extra time also. I don’t delete or ignore the negative comments unless they have crude or foul language in them. But I can’t seem to allow unmoderated comments without someone leaving their trash.

I have this self-hosted site which my son set up because he prefers WordPress to Blogger. This site is bereanwife.net (here) and it has the same info as the Blogspot site. WordPress has several extra features blogger doesn’t have such as pages. Separate feeds for certain topics. But the most valuable is that comments have a spam filter and comments can be set to allow regular commenters to comment while the new comments are moderated. Sometime when time allows I will have to figure out how to transfer the comments from Blogger to this WordPress site. (That’s not today!)

I apologize for any comments that may have been visible before I deleted them on the Blogspot site. Seems the bad comments pop up in the middle of the night when normal people sleep.



We have suffered an invasion this weekend.

We have been invaded by “Ladybugs.” We used to think that ladybugs were so cute and adorable. Both my daughters have had several different types of ladybug clothing. But several years ago we changed our tune with ladybugs. Now in the Fall we are invaded by Ladybugs regularly. One day we might see one or two and we will start to complain. Why? Because we have learned that within a day or two we will be invaded by thousands. They come in every door and window, even if closed. There is no keeping them out. They will be banging into every light fixture making constant noise with their hard bodies hitting the light. Our sliding glass doors will be covered inside and out. Not only do the ladybugs get all over the house, they will just fall into everything. Cooking and eating become a hassle. You learn to check your drink before drinking it.

We spent all day yesterday cleaning up. I cleaned the windowsills of ladybugs in the morning and by lunchtime they were all over the sills again. My daughter vacuumed the live ladybugs from the sliding glass doors. The clear vacuum canister was full of ladybugs but by the evening, they were replaced by more. When looking outside you could clearly see the swarms of ladybugs flying all over the place. If you ventured outside you would be dive-bombed by kamikaze ladybugs flying into you. The ladybugs also come with a surprising bonus – THEY STINK !!! For some bizarre reason they emit a horrible odor if you kill them or even if they fill threatened. My daughter said her school work actually referred to them as the skunk of the insect world.

I think I have an idea of what the Egyptians felt like in Exodus.

Exodus 8:16-24

16 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Say to Aaron, ‘Stretch out your staff and strike the dust of the earth, so that it may become gnats in all the land of Egypt.'”
17 And they did so. Aaron stretched out his hand with his staff and struck the dust of the earth, and there were gnats on man and beast. All the dust of the earth became gnats in all the land of Egypt.
18 The magicians tried by their secret arts to produce gnats, but they could not. So there were gnats on man and beast.
19 Then the magicians said to Pharaoh, “This is the finger of God.” But Pharaoh’s heart was hardened, and he would not listen to them, as the Lord had said.
20 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Rise up early in the morning and present yourself to Pharaoh, as he goes out to the water, and say to him, ‘Thus says the Lord, “Let my people go, that they may serve me.
21 Or else, if you will not let my people go, behold, I will send swarms of flies on you and your servants and your people, and into your houses. And the houses of the Egyptians shall be filled with swarms of flies, and also the ground on which they stand.
22 But on that day I will set apart the land of Goshen, where my people dwell, so that no swarms of flies shall be there, that you may know that I am the Lord in the midst of the earth.
23 Thus I will put a division between my people and your people. Tomorrow this sign shall happen.”‘”
24 And the Lord did so. There came great swarms of flies into the house of Pharaoh and into his servants’ houses. Throughout all the land of Egypt the land was ruined by the swarms of flies.

But then again maybe not.

Gnats and flies bite.

Thankfully, the ladybugs at least don’t bite!


Medicine Man Doesn’t Cure the Bad Balance

Last night on the way home from church we noticed that the traffic was very heavy going in the opposite direction. Then I remembered why. Talladega Racing. We don’t pay any attention to racing, actually it seems pretty silly and boring to watch cars go around and around in circles.

But we had read in the local newspaper a very interesting article just this week.

Medicine man blesses speedway

There have long been rumors of Talladega Superspeedway being haunted, but speedway officials took steps to “restore balance” at the track on Thursday.

Robert Thrower, a medicine man from the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, performed a traditional Native American blessing ceremony at the start-finish line of the 2.66-mile speedway on Thursday.

Then the article goes on to quote the Talladega Raceway President:

“It was a very moving ceremony,” Humphrey said. “It’s like Mr. Thrower said, sometimes things just need to be brought back into balance. With the controversy that surrounded Talladega when we first opened, it’s a possibility that there has always been some unbalance here. I’m confident in saying that after this ceremony however, we don’t have to worry about that anymore and we are looking forward to a great AMP Energy 500 race weekend.”

But after getting home and seeing the news headlines, I think that maybe the Talladega Raceway needs to look into something else other than Indian Medicine Men!

Another Talladega, another scary wreck-filled race

Might I suggest turning to the Scriptures and God.


A Scientist Who Questions Global Warming

All real scientists believe that “Global Warming” is occurring. Right? Nope.

Dr. Tim Coleman is a Birmingham Meteorologist, with a PhD degree in atmospheric science. This is an article of his from the news weather blog. I can not even pretend that I understood all the article and the charts and graphs but I did find the information interesting and contrary to the typical “Global Warming” hype.

Global warming – A review

… Many climate models, similar in some ways to numerical weather prediction models like the GFS, are run to predict the future climate and its effects on rainfall patterns, local temperatures, and even biological cycles. However, we know how inaccurate our weather prediction models are at times! And, IPCC model-based temperature projections from 2000-2009 are apparently wrong. …

Also, as pointed out by Alabama State Climatologist John Christy in his response to EPA assertions (for his report, click here.), running the IPCC models for the past 30 years shows that they greatly overpredict warming. Christy states “the models overstate the warming that has occurred. The clear implication of this result is that the models have an assumed sensitivity to CO2 that the real world does not.” Christy points out that the big model weakness is cloud cover. Climate models indicate that increasing CO2 causes a decrease in clouds, further warming the earth in a positive feedback. Actually, Roy Spencer of UAH has found that warming the earth increases clouds, so the earth has its own “thermostat” to cool things down if it warms. …


College and Debt

Many may have thought that discouraging college loans and large college expenses was not practical in today’s world. How many times have I heard the excuse given for getting in debt for college is that the college degree will pay back the loans and debt in excess?

Well here is the truth straight from Business Week.

MBA Pay: Riches for Some, Not All

While some grads make hundreds of thousands, others make a pittance while they start their own companies, and still others are unemployed. No matter how you look at it, the fantastic notion of a diploma being an express ticket to a big company’s corner office is probably just that — fantasy.

But isn’t a college degree necessary to do well in life?


Michael Dell, who started Dell Computers, dropped out of college at 19 to be able to run the business he had already started.

Bill Gates attended Harvard mostly so he could have access to their computer systems. He was just haphazardly taking courses. After having begun college, he got his parents to agree that he could stop in order to start his business Microsoft, he never returned to college.

Or how about Milton Hershey who with only a fourth grade education started Hershey’s.

Ty Warner the creator of Beanie Babies also did not have a college education.

Now granted there are several fields in which a college degree is required, particularly in medicine. But there are ways to acquire the required degree without being burdened down with debt. There is the military option of getting a degree. The military will pay for college and even living expenses for certain fields that they have need of such as engineers and medical. After college, the student then serves in the military for a few years.

Many hospitals will help pay for college for their entry level employees. So a person could start out as a nursing assistant and work their way through several levels by having their job pay for the additional schooling.

Another source of educational funding is the Underserved Areas system. In this those typically going into the medical fields of nursing, dentistry, or doctors can have their education paid for them. Upon graduation they are stationed in an Underserved area for a particular number of years. Areas such as rural areas, the Appalachians, or Indian Reservations are the typical Underserved locations.

There are many different ways to acquire a College degree if that is what the Lord will have you or your child do. All without incurring debt. But a college degree is not as necessary as the college systems have been leading us to believe.

Colleges are a big industry in the US. Maybe even the biggest we have. It is in the college systems best interest to convince everyone that college is required to succeed in life. However, the last thing any parent needs is debt and a college educated fool who says, “There is no God.” So many colleges make it their goal to disparage a student’s faith in God because an “educated person couldn’t believe such silliness.

Psalms 53:1 The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” ESV

Proverbs 17:16 Why should a fool have money in his hand to buy wisdom when he has no sense? ESV


Glorious Morning

The Morning Glories are blooming!

Psalms 90:5-6
5 … like grass that is renewed in the morning:
6 in the morning it flourishes and is renewed; in the evening it fades and withers.

It is a beautiful morning here.

After weeks of rain and lots of it (over 14 inches one weekend!) we have had a couple of sunny days. It is beginning to dry out some. This morning is bright blue sky with not a cloud in sight.

Last night was cool enough that I got up and closed the bedroom windows.

This morning it was so cool that I had a cup of hot tea for breakfast.

Psalms 143:8 Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love, for in you I trust. Make me know the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul. ESV


Humor For Those Who Argue About The Bible’s Authenticity

Have you ever had a discussion with someone that cannot believe the Bible. They argue that the originals are lost and we can’t “know” what they said. Here is a humorous look at what would happen if they applied that same reasoning to other matters.

Man “Debunks” His Own Birth

Earl Bartman, 37, was once convinced that his mother bore him and loved him. But recent discoveries have caused him to dismiss his old beliefs as mere myths.

“I began to study the events surrounding my so-called birth. There were many discrepancies that just did not make sense. My so-called mother had one account in her diary. My so-called father had another verbal account which I had transcribed. Many so-called facts simply did not match. There was also a birth announcement in the local paper that was well-preserved, but it was not in line with some of the statements of my so-called mother and my so-called father.

“My so-called mother didn’t even have a typewriter at the time of my birth. Therefore, the newspaper account must have been a forgery, typed by someone else.

“My so-called mother told the story of how, immediately after I was supposedly born, two nurses took me and cleaned me. While, my so-called father had a completely different memory of only one nurse who bathed me and measured me immediately after I was born. These inconsistencies cannot be reconciled.

Click Here for the rest of the story.


Continue On by Roy Lessin

Continue On

A woman onced fretted over the usefulness of her life.
She feared she was wasting her potential being a devoted wife and mother.
She wondered if the time and energy she invested in her husband
and children would make a difference.

At times she got discouraged because so much of what she did
seemed to go unnoticed and unappreciated.
” Is it worth it?” she often wondered.
“Is there something better that I could be doing with my time?”

It was during one of these moments of questioning that she heard
the still small voice of her Heavenly Father speak to her heart.
” You are a wife and mother because that is what I have called you to be.
Much of what you do is hidden from the public eye.
But I notice.
Most of what you give is done without remuneration.
But I am your reward.

Your husband cannot be the man I have called him to be withour your support.
Your influence upon him is greater than you think
and more powerful than you will ever know.
I bless him through your service and honor him through your love.
Your children are precious to me.
Even more precious than they are to you.
I have entrusted them to your care to raise for me.
What you invest in them is an offering to me.

You may never be in the public spotlight.
But your obedience shines as a bright light before me.
Continue on.
Remember you are My servent.
So do all to please me.”

By Roy Lessin