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Passionate Youth Groups

Pyromaniacs has written about the topic that I discussed in Youth Groups – Losing Your Inhibitions Is a Good Thing !?!  He shares some interesting points about being passionate Christians.  

What is the difference between true Christian passion and artificial passion induced by outside activities like music and activities? 

Worth contemplating!

Peanut-butter Passion by Phil Johnson

‘m a passionate person. People who know me will affirm that. I think Christians ought to be passionate about truth, passionate in our love for God and for one another, and (above all) passionate about the glory of God.

But raw passion is not the point. Passion is valid and edifies only when it’s the right kind of passion, based on legitimate affections for the right things. I’m concerned about the unbridled passions frequently turned loose by people whose only religious affections were cultivated in evangelical youth groups.   (And if I can speak freely: that includes a lot of of our so-called young, restless, and Reformed frends.)  Continue…