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If Only …

If Only —-

If only dinner cooked itself,

And groceries grew upon the shelf;

If children did as they were told,

And never had a cough or cold;

And washed their hands, and wiped their boots,

And never tore their Sunday suits,

But always tidied up the floor,

Nor once forgot to shut the door.

Ahem! If wishes all came true,

I don’t know what I’d find to do,

Because if no one made a mess

There’d be no need of cleanliness.

And things might work so blissfully,

In time–who knows?–they’d not need me!

And this being so, I fancy whether

I’ll go on keeping things together.


The Verse-Book of a Homely Woman

by Fay Inchfawn


The Long View

The Long View

Some day of days! Some dawning
yet to be
I shall be clothed with immortality!

And, in that day, I shall not greatly care
That Jane spilt candle grease upon the

It will not grieve me then, as once it did,
That careless hands have chipped my
teapot lid.

I groan, being burdened. But, in that
glad day,
I shall forget vexations of the way.

That needs were often great, when means
were small,
Will not perplex me any more at all
A few short years at most (it may be less),
I shall have done with earthly storm and

So, for this day, I lay me at Thy feet.
O, keep me sweet, my Master! Keep
me sweet!


The Verse-Book of a Homely Woman by Fay Inchfawn