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Theology in Hymns

Have you ever been singing a well known hymn and suddenly come to realize how much poor theology is in it?

I have had that happen quite frequently when I’ve been somewhere singing praise choruses or more contemporary songs.  There is one song in particular that a previous church sang that I refused to sing.  The following is a bad song theologically and it makes every singer out to be a liar.

Ain’t No Rock

Ain’t no rock, gonna cry in my place
as long as I’m alive I’ll glorify his holy name.

Everybody praise his holy name
As long as I’m alive I’ll glorify his holy name

Ain’t no bird, gonna flap its feathers
As long as I’m alive I’ll glorify his holy name.

Ain’t no tree, gonna wave its branches.
As long as I’m alive I’ll glorify his holy name.

Ain’t no rock, gonna cry in my place.
Long as I’m alive, I’ll glorify his holy name.

Sorry if you like this song, but it is stupid (that is a very harsh word around here).

No birds are going flap its feathers?  No tree wave its branches?  I don’t think so.

While we hopefully all desire to Glorify God while we are alive and everyday, we know that does not happen and we shouldn’t lie.  We could point out our desire to glorify God but we must admit our inability without the Lord.

What hymns do you know that are just as poor theology or makes the singer out to be a liar?  When you really think about them you just might be surprised.





“The devil has seldom done a cleverer thing than hinting to the church that part of their mission is to provide entertainment for the people, with a view to winning them……providing amusement for the people is nowhere spoken of in the Scriptures as a function of the church……the need is for Biblical doctrine, so understood and felt that it sets men aflame.”

“We assert this day that, when we take down a volume of Puritanical theology we find in a solitary page more thinking and more learning, more Scripture, more real teaching, than in whole folios of the effusions of modern thought. The modern men would be rich if they possessed even the crumbs that fall from the table of the Puritans.”