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David Miller – The Wonder of Unconditional Love

First sesson of the True Church Conference 2010 “The Quagmire of Hyper-Calvinism”  was led by David Miller.

David Miller’s text was Malachi 1:1-5. The world needs to experience God’s unconditional love for sinners.

The first point: Jacob have I loved

The second point: and Esau have I hated

1. Jacob Have I Loved

By an act of God’s will, he singled Jacob out and set him as the object of divine affections. And if God loved Jacob, then he might love me too. After all, look at who Jacob was. His name means “supplanter.” But in Malachi’s day, the Israelites (Jacob) wanted proof of God’s love.  And God gave them proof by showing the desolation of Esau (Edom) as compared to the restoration of Jacob. And even we today question God’s love for us and want proof. Is not our current circumstances proof of God’s love?

How did God love Jacob? What was the manner of his love?

a. God loved Jacob sovereignly and freely. Not what was deserved. He loves because He wants to.

b. God loves Jacob with selectivity and favoritism.

c. God did not see something special in Jacob. Nothing in Jacob’s life commended him to God.

2. Esau Have I Hated

Esau had an awesome heritage, great privileges, advantages. He was as much a gift to Isaac and Rebecca as Jacob was. He was the first born. He was destined to be the leader of the family.  The promises and the covenant should have been his. He was his father’s favorite. He was a man’s man. But just one problem. God hated Esau.

What does it mean “Esau have I hated”?

a. It does not mean a relative comparison of God’s love for Esau was just less than His love for Jacob. This does not fit the context.

b. It does not mean that God just passed over Esau. That does not fit the context.

c. It does not mean that God loved Esau but hated his sin. That does not fit the context.

d. It means God had a settled opposition, a disdain, antagonism against Esau. That fits the context.

God hated Esau because:

a. Esau sowed to flesh

b. Esau hated what God loved

c. Esau wanted the praise of man

But there is a problem. Jacob was the same way. God had as much reason to hate Jacob as He had to hate Esau. And the same is true of everyone. Even the elect.

So why did God love Jacob and hate Esau? Because that’s what God decided to do.


True Church Conference – Thursday, February 18, 2010

Berean Husband is reporting live from the True Church Conference at Grace Life Church in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, This is an annual four day conference that Grace Life hosts. I believe this is the fourth year for the conference. We came here together last year.  But I’m here alone this year, except for our Sunday Night Pastor is here. My wife is home with the kids.

The topic for the conference this year is “The Quagmire of Hyper-Calvinism.” I wonder, is Hyper-Calvinism a real problem in the church today, or is it just a small number of churches that are off in the “quagmire of hyper-Calvinism”? Is it important enough to talk about for four days?

Last year there were (I heard) 900 people registered for this conference, and one night there were 1,200 people here when some of the regular Grace Life congregation joined in. I heard that there are only 450 people registered this year. Could it be because of the topic or because of the economy?

One of the highlights of the conference is the bookstore. There is no wasted room in the bookstore. Every book is either a book you have read or a book you want to read. I spent $25 in a couple of minutes. I bought Dallimore’s biography of Charles Spurgeon and a collection of George Whitefield’s sermons compiled by J.C. Ryle. Not your typical Christian bookstore fare.

I think Jeff Noblit described in one sentence why the topic of hyper-Calvinism was selected for the conference: How can we know the truth and not share it with others?

The worship music is another highlight of the True Church conference. The conference is worth coming to for the music alone. There’s nothing like singing great hymns with hundreds of people who really want to be gathered together in church. I would say there are probably 600 or 700 people here tonight.